Battistella Formaggi

Production and Curing


Constant improvement
and experimentation

The Battistella family’s tireless quest for new flavours and combinations has led us to create new cheeses with original new flavours: Treviso wines, beer, balsamic vinegar, horseradish, hay, truffle, coffee, rum, whiskey, almonds… with a result that’s shared by all our products: unparalleled deliciousness. Curing cheese is a process that aims to bring out the intrinsic characteristics of both the chosen cheese and the product combined with it. From initial idea to development of the finished product, creativity and passion are not only our guiding lights but, above all, the reason for the balanced harmony between two or more flavours matured by Battistella.


A marriage of past and future

Curing cheese is a blend of past and future, the slow passing of time and the innovative control methods that ensure correct maturation. During this time, a series of biochemical processes take place, changing the physical and sensory properties of the end product. At Battistella Formaggi, cheeses are cured in special air-conditioned rooms and checked regularly by our expert staff.

Experimentation requires patience,
but when the end result is a Battistella cured cheese,
the time spent creating the perfect flavour is
irrelevant in comparison to the unique outcome.