Battistella Formaggi

Cured with Wine

If you give someone wine and cheese,
they’ll be satisfied, but of you give them cheese cured in wine, they’ll be happy.

The story of the drunken cheese

Drunken cheese could also be called a child of the war, because it originated in the events of the First World War – origins that were accidental and linked to the needs of the age.The technique of drunken cheese was invented in the Sinistra Piave area of Treviso; to hide their home-made cheeses from the Austro-Hungarians, farmers covered them with wine pomace, which was considered a waste product and therefore did not attract attention. Initially the thinking was “rather than die of hunger, it’s better to eat cheese that’s ruined and tastes bad”. However, they discovered that the pomace not only changed the colour of the rind, but also gave the cheese itself a very specific aromatic flavour. As time passed, the method evolved: today this is a sophisticated and delicate process which can make cheese unique, giving it distinct aromatic and slightly spicy notes. Drunken cheese, then, was born of the accidental combination of ingenuity and necessity, and is now one of the greatest treasures of Italian gastronomy.


Ubriacone (drunken) cheese takes its name from the process it undergoes. Indeed, the cheeses are placed in vats and covered with red wine, or pomace in season. By the end of the curing process, the rind of the cheese is rough, opaque and purple; the paste takes on a delicate, mild wine-like aroma and a very special flavour: pleasant, aromatic and appetising.


“L’Inbriagon” is a truly exceptional product: the intense yet delicate flavour of Mezzano cheese is the perfect counterpoint to the unmistakable aroma of red wine. A genuine triumph of Veneto farming tradition.


“Primo Amore” is a veritable treasure chest of aromas and flavours.As well as coating the rind of the cheese, the red wine also penetrates the paste via carefully administered dosing, bringing all the flavours and aromas of Veneto.


“Fiaschetto de vin” takes its name from its shape, which is similar to a wine bottle. Cured inside and outside with red wine, it’s a delight waiting to be savoured, a completely unique product.


A hard cheese cured with white wine which encapsulates the spirit of its birthplace, Veneto, land of raised glasses and unexplored flavours!

Experimentation requires patience,
but when the end result is a Battistella cured cheese,
the time spent creating the perfect flavour is
irrelevant in comparison to the unique outcome.