Battistella Formaggi


A long story of trade and quality

The long story of our company begins just after the war, when the local economy was mainly based on agriculture. At that time, Angelo Battistella began to distribute cheeses produced by the small number of dairies in the countryside near the river Piave, going house to house carrying the cheeses on his bicycle. With the arrival of his first car, a Fiat Balilla, the business was modernised: the vehicle meant he could travel further in less time, and carry more goods. Around 1950, Alfio, the founder of Battistella Formaggi, started working with his father, learning to nurture a passion for the cheesemaker’s art. Along with his wife Bianca, Alfio began to experiment with curing techniques; the process accelerated with the arrival of his children Sandro and Daniela in the firm. For over 70 years, experience, passion, creativity and constant experimentation have allowed us to bring Battistella specialities to tables all over the world!


We successfully cure
and mature several
types of cheese.

Experimentation requires patience,
but when the end result is a Battistella cured cheese,
the time spent creating the perfect flavour is
irrelevant in comparison to the unique outcome.