Battistella Formaggi

Cured with Truffle

The unexpected combination of cheese and truffle results in a perfect harmony of flavours and aromas which, once tasted, will win over the most exacting and sophisticated palates.

SUA MAESTà Pecorino al tartufo

Majestic as its name implies, this cured cheese is a true work of art: the marriage of Sardinian pecorino and black truffle provides an extraordinary tasting experience, thanks to the intense flavour of the cheese and the seductive aroma of truffle.


Precious as a real black diamond, this combination of mature cheese and black truffle is a harmonious creation with an unexpectedly exquisite flavour.


It’s named for its small size (approximately 2.5 kilos), but its flavour is definitely big and its aroma unmistakable, thanks to the wonderful truffle veining. Delicious, appetising and inviting, this is a cheese for connoisseurs.


A minor masterpiece of flavour and aroma: truffle meets caciocavallo cheese and lends it exquisite flavour and aroma. Quite simply an extraordinary success.

Experimentation requires patience,
but when the end result is a Battistella cured cheese,
the time spent creating the perfect flavour is
irrelevant in comparison to the unique outcome.